Exclusive Jetz

Business Jet Leasing and Management

Exclusive Jetz is a leader in business jet aircraft leasing and management.  Call us for details now...

We are proud to feature industry-leading jet aircraft from Embraer, Hawker, Gulfstream and Challenger aircraft. Exclusive Jetz brings over a decade of industry expertise in managing aircraft and we provide full service sales, acquisition, management, leaseback, aviation tax/legal resources and crew services.


Aircraft Management Services For Current Aircraft Owners

With over a decade of experience, Exclusive Jetz provides complete turnkey management of your jet including aircraft financing, accounting, tax advice, flight crew management, maintenance oversight and guaranteed leaseback revenue. Exclusive Jetz management service provides:

  • Guaranteed annual revenue providing the aircraft owner with secure monthly cash flow with long term or short term periods available

  • Oversight of pilot hiring, initial/recurrent training and pilot currency monitoring

  • Daily management of aircraft maintenance including scheduling, regulatory paperwork, airworthiness directives and service bulletin compliance. Exclusive Jetz will always provide multiple repair options and will source quotes from several vendors to achieve maximum cost savings
  • Collection and accounting of all monthly charter revenues and expenses
  • Detailed monthly aircraft activity reports including collection and storage of receipts and records history
  • Accounting services and remittance of required FET and passenger segment fees
  • Aviation tax and legal services relating to title of aircraft, inspections and FAA documentation
  • Interior & exterior cleaning and detailing of your aircraft
  • Complete travel planning & logistics - ground transportation to/from aircraft, hotels and catering
  • 24/7 live answer customer service & operations dispatch

If you are an aircraft owner looking for guaranteed monthly revenue, Exclusive Jetz will provide select access to our corporate clients and will provide guaranteed revenue from our exclusive corporate client base.   You receive guaranteed revenue every month while Exclusive Jetz provides complete turnkey management, turning your jet into an income producing asset. 

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Exclusive Jetz provides aircraft management, consulting and brokerage services as an agent for its clients.  Exclusive Jetz does not directly operate any aircraft - all flights are operated by ARG/US and/or Wyvern rated Part 135 Air Carriers that must meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Standards.